Copy of Introduction

Hi Bead Lovers!

My name is Victoria, and I am the founder of Bead Beautiful. 25 years ago I discovered beading. Over the years I have created intricate pieces, both bold and dainty. From earrings to necklaces, bracelets and beyond! One of my fondest memories of creating beaded wearable art was teaching beginners how to do the same.

When creating for customers, sourcing the materials, and seeing the visual beauty that comes to fruition brings me joy. In partnership with nature and artisans, I am able to create pieces that are ethical and made with love.

Today, I focus on simple designs which is my personal style. When I sit down at my jewelry table to design your jewelry, I feel happy and fortunate to be able to share my craft with people near and far.

On the Bead Beautiful blog, I will be sharing things that interest me about the craft. From the history of beads, the properties of certain gemstones, to my inspiration and personal love for the art. I look forward to sharing bits and pieces about myself and the world of beads!

With love + Beauty,


Victoria Moore